JRI Mysirius Cold Chain Monitoring

JRI Monitoring Solutions

JRI has a long history of monitoring and is recognized for high quality performance in monitoring of temperature, humidity, differential pressure, gas contents (CO2, O2 …) voltage, current and many other physical quantities.
MySirius IoT Monitoring
Many large academic hospitals and laboratories in Europe rely on the Wireless Monitoring solutions from JRI. Monitoring Applications become more and more demanding and complex and ask for large investments in IT infrastructure, IT -personnel and periodic maintenance. It is therefore that JRI developed the new MySirius IoT platform in 2018 to make monitoring easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use with a very intuitive user interface. The system can be fully configured prior to delivery, which saves valuable time to implement the system. The MySirius application can be accessed via an internet browser (Google Chrome, Safari Firefox) from any type of terminal: PC, tablet or smartphone. Due to the very intuitive user interface training of personell has never been more easy.
The JRI MySirius platform is compatible with all JRI Sensors like SPY RF®, the Nano Spy range and the LoRa® Spy recorders. Recorders transfer their data to a server PC at regular intervals by radio frequency communication in 868 MHz bands (compatible with the medical, scientific industrial and industrial environments) for the SPY RF® recorders, via WiFi (2.4 Ghz) for the Nano Spy recorders and via the new IoT network named LORA for the LoRa® Spy recorders.
Based on the LoRa™ technology, the sensors are designed for monitoring equipment and thermo-sensitive products during transport and storage thanks to the long distance coverage offered by LoRa Alliance Operators (telecom) or by a Micro Gateway private network data transmission module.
Nano Spy Recorders
WiFi connected recorders
Product overview Lora Recorders
Connected via Local LORA Gateway
MySirius Software
The software is very intuitive and there a three subscription levels available for the MySirius application. Depending on your requirements for data storage, integration of floorplans, systems size, number of users, 21 CFR part 11 compliance, technical support and for example synchronization via Microsoft Active Directory we can offer the most affordable solution for your application, the following subscriptions levels are available:
  • MySirius INITIAL
  • MySirius SERENITY
  • MySirius ADVANCED
Nano SPY Wireless mini temperature data loggers
The Nano SPY 100% wireless sensors monitor temperature and humidity and are very easy to install. Their small size allows to place them directly in the monitored unit or transport box as close as possible to the temperature sensitive products. Thanks to their internal buffer memory there is no risk of data loss in case of a connection failure to the network. The Nano Spy recorders communicate via the JRI LINK via the customer LAN-network or via WiFi. Real time alerts are sent in case of Threshold excursions and alarming is possible via the optional ALARM Module.
There are a number of different Nanospy dataloggers available, depending on the model and the application requirements we can offer the best solution for your monitoring application. The Nano spy sensors can be ordered with an internal sensor or with an external temperature probe as well. The Nanospy T1 and Nanospy T2 can be used for low to moderate temperature applications like monitoring of fridges, freezers and incubators, the temperature range of these sensors is from -40 °C tot +85 °C. For high temperature applications we can offer the Nanospy T3 sensor with external probe to measure temperatures up to 200 °C.
NanoSPY T1
Internal sensor
NanoSPY T2
external sensor for low temperature applications
Internal sensor for temperature and relative humidity
NanoSPY T3
External Sensor for high temperature applications
The LoRa® SPY connected sensors ensure a wireless monitoring solution for temperature, relative humidity and other environmental parameters like differential pressures. Practically any sensor with an analogue output (0..10V or 4..20mA) can be connected to the universal recorder LoRaSPY Digital. There are different LoRaSPY recorders available for all sorts of applications ranging from transport logistics for food- and vegetables, applications in supermarkets and continuous monitoring of GMP critical processes like vaccines storage in hospital pharmacies. The temperature range for the LoRaSPY sensors are very broad  ranging from -200 °C till +85 °C.
MySirius Key Features:
  • 21 CFR part 11 Compliance
  • GAMP-V validated system
  • Incubator Monitoring
  • C02 Incubator Monitoring
  • Vaccine monitoring at -20°C and -80°C
  • Fridge and Freezer monitoring
  • Warehouses Monitoring
  • Smart probes for easy calibration
  • Cloud installation or on-premise server solution
System Architecture MySirius
LoRaSPY Gateway
The system architecture is very simple, LoRaSPY sensors are connected to one (or more) Micro Gateways and the Gateway is connected to the secure Cloud server of JRI. All the end-user needs is a device with a browser, like a smartphone, tablet or computer to access the data and login to the MySirius Monitoring System.
LORA SPY T3 with external probe
Monitoring Ultra-low freezers
LORA SPY T2 with external probe
Monitoring of freezers and fridges
Digital Probes
We can offer different digital temperature probes depending on the requested temperature range of measurement. Digital probes can be connected to the Spy RF digital or the LoraSpy digital recorders and have the advantage that the probes can be easily exchanged with a new calibrated spare sensor during calibration of the digital probes in the laboratory of CMI, which results in less downtime for the end user. On request we can calibrate your temperature sensor under ISO 17025 accreditation.
Digital probe low temperature
Range -200 °C to 0°
RHT digital sensor
Range -30 to +70°C / 0-100% RH
Digital probe high accuracy
range -40 tot +80
Status LED’s
The LoRaSPY sensors are featured with Long-range LoRaWAN connectivity, LED’s for equipment status, an LCD-screen, excellent measurement accuracy, an external probe, fixing eyelets and integrated magnets for ease of installation, moreover the battery can be easily replaced and the user will get an alarm when a battery replacement is required.
LED indicator for equipment status