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Product quality is important for every industry, but in particular for the pharmaceutical industry and related industries like food and healthcare. The Quality Control department must be an independent department with the responsibility for product quality only.
Cleanroom Management International - QC Instruments - Quality Control Instruments
The QC -manager must analyse and store all important records related to product quality and quality of the production environment before batch release can be approved. CMI plays an important role here with the QC-suite of instruments and services we offer in the Benelux and France.
CMI offers a large range of analytical instruments to facilitate companies to comply to the quality requirements for their specific products under GMP or ISO or any other standard that is required for their product release. our instruments are often integrated into Environmental Monitoring Systems used in controlled environments like, cleanrooms, aseptic filling lines, isolators, but also for quality control of pharmaceutical waters like purified water (PW) and water for injection (WFI). The QC-instruments are designed to meet the FDA ALCOA Guidance to ensure the best possible Data Integrity Solutions.
The instruments can usually also be easily integrated into any third party software or via our own Environmental Monitoring software solutions. Everything we do within CMI is related to compliance and we understand your needs related to implementation of new GMP -critical instruments or monitoring systems. We have an (IQ/OQ) qualification protocol available for every instrument we supply and trained engineers to qualify these instruments together with the end-users.
We have summarized our Quality Control Instrumentation below for all applications, like:
  • Airborne particle counting
  • Datalogging 21 CFR part 11 Compliant
  • Filtertesting
  • Liquid particle counting
  • Pharmaceutical water monitoring
  • Microbial sampling
Cleanroom Management International - QC Instruments - Quality Control Instruments
QC Instruments
Within CMI we supply the following QC-Instruments:
  • MET ONE airborne particle counters
  • EMTEK microbial airsamplers
  • ANATEL on-line TOC Analyzers
  • ANATEL laboratory TOC analyzers
  • HIAC liquid particle counters for USP testing of parenterals
  • HIAC liquid particle counter for Fluid Power applications
  • Temperature sensors for cold-chain monitoring
  • Relative humidity sensors
  • Differential pressure sensors from CMR
  • Photometers for HEPA filter integrity testing
  • Aerosol generators
  • Smoke generators for flow studies

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