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Within regulated industries such as the biotech- and pharmaceutical industry it is of the utmost importance that all GMP-critical equipment is kept in a calibrated state throughout its lifetime for reliable, accurate and repeatable measurements. A periodic calibration of these instruments is mandatory for safe batch release of medicines and to show the regulating authorities that your process is under control.
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Maintenance and Calibration Services
ANATEL PAT700 TOC Analyzer
By calibration we try to minimize the chance that a critical instrument gives wrong results during the interval between the last calibration and the next. We try to ensure the accuracy of the field sensor (unit under test) by comparing and if necessary adjusting the sensor to the readings of a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable reference sensor. This way we try to prevent out of specifications  and the work that goes with it to investigate the out-of-spec and the time consumed in writing a deviation report for the regulating authorities.
Why should you choose CMI
CMI is the official and exclusive distributor for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences® for the MET ONE airborne particle counters, HIAC liquid particle counters and ANATEL TOC-analysers. We are responsible for sales, calibrations, repairs and maintenance for these instruments.
It is important to understand that your equipment is best serviced via the official partner channel, because original spareparts are used for repairs and engineers are trained by the manufacturer, which results in a longer life span of you critical equipment.
Furthermore the calibrations are carried out with a special licensed calibration software from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences®, which monitors all important parameters before the calibration can be executed or continued. This results in the best possible reproducible results and a worldwide quality standard irrespective of the location where the works has been carried out.
The accuracy of the unit under test is further documented with a calibration certificate for each instrument showing “as received” and “as left” data. All important details will be documented via a supplementary technical service report for example if spare parts had to be changed including the reason why. Having your instruments calibrated by CMI gives you the reassurance that your instruments are calibrated according to the latest OEM calibration protocols with traceable standards.
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Cleanroom Management International - Calibration - MET ONE airborne particle counters
MET ONE airborne particle counters
ISO21501-4:2018 Calibration
Laboratory calibration
The CMI Metrology lab (calibration lab) provides you swift, accurate and affordable instrument calibration services. Our calibration lab provides ISO-17025 calibration services within a specific temperature range for temperature sensors, for more detailed information we refer to our BELAC accreditation. All other calibration services are carried out under ISO 9001 and/or calibration according to the worldwide used approved calibration protocols from the OEM manufacturer.
The metrology lab is also responsible for instrument repairs for the equipment we sell as the official distributor. All repairs are carried out by regularly trained engineers with the original spare parts from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
Within CMI we provide services for calibration for the following:
  • Airborne particle counters
  • Liquid particle counters
  • TOC Analyzers
  • Microbial Air Samplers
  • Photometers
  • Aerosol Generators
  • Temperature sensors
  • Relative Humidity sensors
  • Differential pressure sensors
On-site calibration
On-site calibration is also possible for most equipment to minimize the downtime of critical quality control instruments. CMI provides these services on contract basis. Calibrations are scheduled in mutual agreement with the end-user to minimize eventual production downtime.
The CMI team of field service engineers have long-term experience and are trained by the original equipment manufacturer. Our engineers will smoothly calibrate your equipment, including necessary adjustments or repairs when required. We provide reliable results that are documented within the calibration certificate and strive to keep your equipment downtime as short as possible.

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