Labguard® 3D Biomerieux

Based on a strategic review Biomerieux has decided to focus more on their core business like miccrobial growth media. As a consequence of this Biomerieux has decided to discontinue the development of Labguard 3D monitoring solutions while ensuring the continuity for customers using the Labguard 3D monitoring solution. JRI has been in close contact with Biomerieux to offer the possibility to integrate the Labguard 3D hardware into the JRI Mysirius platform to offer continuity of your process monitoring and durability of your system.
Cleanroom Management International - Labguard 3D
Hardware module
Compatible with MySirius
Both technical teams are linked by a long-standing faithful relationship, that has been reinforced when collaborating to follow up the existing Labguard® installations. Without interrupting your existing procedures, we assure the continuity of the Labguard® 3D supply, and their maintenance in operational condition.
The integration of the Labguard® product range in the JRI MySirius solution is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021The JRI MySirius solution uses the next generation of IoT communication technologies with sensors adapted for the environmental parameters monitoring in different use cases. This opens interesting perspectives for evolutions for the Labguard® range:
  • combine existing sensors with new technology sensors when extending the sensor fleet
  • answer new use cases
  • deploy solutions in secured multi-site SaaS or Cloud mode
A specific organization has been set up to help you move forward and to answer all your questions, for more information please send us an information request via our contactpage, we are dedicated to help you.
Labguard Wireless Monitoring Solution
Labguard 3D Compatibility and applications:
  • 21 CFR part 11 Compliance
  • Labguard 3D hardware compatibility with MySirius
  • Continuity of your process monitoring
  • C02 Incubator Monitoring
  • Vaccine monitoring at -20°C and -80°C
  • Fridge and Freezer monitoring
  • Warehouses Monitoring
  • Cloud solution