We care for your compliance

We are your partner in Validation, Calibration, Monitoring, Qualification and Quality control

CMI offers a wide range of GMP-critical quality control instruments and qualification services

We care for your compliance

State of the art quality control instruments and validation services

Cleanroom Management International (CMI) offers a wide range of analytical instruments to facilitate companies to comply to the worldwide requirements from the different pharmacopoeias. From monitoring of your pharmaceutical water on TOC (PW and WFI) to environmental monitoring of viable and non-viable particles in aseptic filling line applications.
We also have a large number of datalogging solutions to monitor temperature controlled products in fridges, freezers and chilled product logistics. We provide HVAC validation services to qualify cleanrooms (GMP and ISO) and qualify temperature controlled units with thermal mappings of fridges, freezers and sterilizers.

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We are trusted by great companies across industries ranging from Pharma, Biotech, Healthcare to Aerospace and Power generation to care for their compliance


Every day we strive to deliver the highest quality in everything we do. Our accreditations and quality policy are a guarantee for the quality of our services and instruments


For over 25 years, we have been caring for our clients’ compliance with the international pharmacopoeias and standards like ISO-14644 and 21 CFR part 11 compliance for data integrity


We always strive to provide exceptional customer services through flexible scheduling, sales and maintenance of high quality GMP critical intruments and the deployment of well-trained engineers


‘People depend on you, you count on us.’ We always try to be as flexible as possible and show commitment to our valued relations to build long-term partnerships and get the job done together

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